How Medical Yoga Speeds Weight Loss in Plus Size People

Medical yoga's unique approach to weight loss focuses on both physical fitness and physiological fitness of the mind, body and spirit offering cutting edge weight loss techniques. With its focus on gaining control over stress eating medical yoga offers a distinctive solution to promote weight loss through scientifically researched therapeutic yoga techniques.

What is Medical Yoga?

Yoga therapy is a modified version of ancient yoga postures combined with western medicine for the purpose of healing specific ailments. Medical practitioners are beginning to realize the healing effects of yoga as a successful weight loss tool. Suzanne Andrews, is both a certified yoga instructor and a licensed occupational therapy practitioner who uses yoga in her practice. "I first began incorporating yoga into my patient's treatment plan to help them decrease stress. What followed was surprising - my overweight patients who had tried diet after diet unsuccessfully were losing weight.

Even my paraplegic patients who were in wheelchairs lost as much as 50 pounds and another obese patient bound to a wheelchair, a 60 year old male, lost 145 pounds. The most challenging part is convincing them to do the yoga, but once they see the results, there's no stopping them." Dr. Marcella Bakur Weiner, Ph.D. states, "Simply put - we deplete ourselves by constantly thinking, worrying and wondering. Then when clear thinking is needed, we may lack the focus and reserve to a satisfying functional life. Medical yoga offers a way of gaining control above the over - expansion of your emotions and removing all the distracting debris in the overactive mind."

How Does Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

By recognizing that meditation is undoubtedly the most important step one can do to lose weight, medical yoga centers on the most important aspect of successful weight loss - our minds. Meditation increases self-awareness, so that we are in tune with what we need to do. Instead of eating mindlessly, one becomes aware of their actions, resulting in a "domino effect" empowering the mind's ability to fine tune what the body really needs instead of what it wants. By combining stress releasing meditation with modified yoga poses, the plus size person eliminates cravings for food that sabotage a weight loss plan and is able to participate in yoga poses designed especially for the larger sized person.

For Suzanne Andrews, there is a personal side to offering medical yoga for the larger size population as she remembers when her 5'2" frame was a size 18 and she wasn't able to participate in the unattainable yoga poses made for the slimmer population. By combining medical knowledge with stress releasing breathing techniques, the obese person changes their relationship to food and eating to achieve a healthy body that includes fitness of the mind, body and spirit generic harvoni India .


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